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A layered approach to container and Kubernetes security

With many organizations now running essential services on containers, implementing container security has never been more critical. Read the whitepaper for insight on the key elements of security for containerized applications managed with Kubernetes. Contact us for flexible pricing and implementation details.


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Any company within and outside the national territory that makes part of the economic sector whose organizational and operational necessity requires human and technological solutions.

What Drives Us
Our motivation is based on search and recruitment of qualified personnel to meet the needs of our customers, providing the opportunity to generate new sources of employment to help the development and growth of the economy of the country.

We also strive to find technological solutions that allow companies to become more efficient and competitive in this era of changes and challenges.

Mission Statement
Providing consulting services in the field of technological resources and human in order to respond in a rapid and objective manner to the needs of our customers and strategic partners, achieving in this way build ties in the long term with them.

Legal Structure

AFL International Consulting Staff and Services Inc. provides our clients with the competitive edge they need to realize their business goals. We will assist your organization in reducing costs, accelerating your time-to-market, simplifying your IT management, and enhancing your efficiencies. AFL International has consistently become the partner of choice for high-quality, effective managed IT services. We will solve your operational challenges with flexibility and cost transparency, using an engagement model that is aligned to meet your requirements and services in your local market. Because of our exceptional team of professionals delivering services, we establish successful long-term partnerships.

We don’t just define a strategic business model, we put it into action. Our Account Services team is ready to work with your organization to ensure your complete satisfaction with the quality and effectiveness of the services delivered. Through a partnership approach with your team, AFL International ensures our thorough understanding of your business requirements and that you receive the service you desire with the cost-savings you require. Let us minimize your risk, maximize your flexibility, and enable you to drive Return of Investment improvements through your entire organization.

Delivering a Competitive Edge
AFL International IT Services invests in our talent and tools to accomplish our mission. With the use of a broad geographic footprint and management platforms we are a small business with big business tools. We know that with a first-rate program, our customers can more efficiently realize the optimal IT solutions they need.

AFL International provides IT support consulting management in the following areas:

• Networking
• Systems
• Software Development
• Analyst
• Administration
• Data Migration
• Database Development
• Quality Assurance
• Project Management
• Engineering
• Our company is characterized by providing automated systems.
• Integrations with different technologies.
• e-business strategies.
• Organizational development.
• Outsourcing.
• Systems Integration
• Consulting Services
• Infrastructure Implementation
• Cloud Services
• Systems Analysis and Design
• Software Engineering
• Web Design
• System Development Life Cycle
• Legacy System
• Positions that offer

Our strategy of positioning for 2016 is directed to building strong ties with our customers as well as the positioning of international AFL as a leading brand in the market in the field of consulting and promotion of technological solutions, through the transfer of knowledge thanks to the support of our human talent and strategic partners.

That undertaking that requires our services as a provider of qualified personnel and trained to meet the functions and needs of the company itself. As well as also companies that require technological products range medium and high that facilitate the development of their operations in a manner that is faster and more agile.

Any company that develops in the middle of consulting in technology services, recruitment of personnel and to make part of the integrated business network of companies such as IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft Windows.

Competitive Advantage
Despite being a new company in the market, our competitive advantage that makes us different from the competition lies in the development of our operations inside and outside the national territory, providing global solutions for local Colombian and North American actors with a view to international expansion.

Employment & Labor Law
Intellectual Property Law
Privacy Law
Regulation of Financial Contracts
Workplace Safety & Health Law
Foreign Workers & Employee Eligibility

Product or Service
IBM Products
Oracle Products Dell Products
VMWare Products
Windows Products SAP Products
Temporary Staffing Services
Programming language and compiler
software publishers, packaged
Software analysis and design services,
Computer program or software development,
Computer software analysis and design services,
Computer software programming services,
Computer software support services,
Applications software programming services,
Computer software consulting services or consultants
Software installation services,
Software application training
Computer software training