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Security, compliance, productivity. Accelerated.

In this week's Solution Brief by Microsoft, 'Security, compliance, productivity. Accelerated.', professionals can learn how Devicie reshapes the way organizations manage their Microsoft 365 environment. Devicie's generative configuration engine and hyperautomation promise significant efficiency gains, boosting productivity and ensuring a robust security posture without overburdening IT resources. Key benefits highlighted in the Brief include rapid deployment, achieving a custom-tailored Intune instance; resource efficiency through automation; assured compliance; and zero-touch provisioning. The Forrester TEI Study cited in the Brief estimates potential annual savings of over $2 million, showcasing the tangible financial advantages of modern device management. With Devicie, companies can streamline their operations and fast-track achieving a zero-trust environment across all endpoints. By reading this Brief, organizations can understand the pathways to modern management and the support offered by to achieve heightened security and compliance while enhancing overall productivity.