Lantronix Datasheet Set - SISPM1040-582-LRT and SM24TBT2DPB


In this set of datasheets, you can have the specs on hand for Lantonix's Ethernet PoE++ Switches. The SISPM1040-582-LRT is a switch suitable for connecting and powering devices in hardened environments. SM24TBT2DPB Series is great for supplying power and connectivity to lighting and other smart building IoT devices. Email message No matter how advanced and expensive your IP camera is, a video surveillance system can fail spectacularly if supported by poor infrastructure. Read the blog by TP Link—a leading provider of wireless networking products—to learn how PoE switches deliver superior surveillance by: Supporting data and power transmissions up to 250 m away—perfect for surveillance camera deployment in large areas Guaranteeing the quality of sensitive applications like video monitoring in critical business areas Isolating broadcast storm for higher security and performance The consultants at QuattroOne, are ready to discuss flexible pricing and implementation options with Lantronix. solutions

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