Blue Chip: Helping businesses harness the power of agile, enterprise-class cloud infrastructure

When Blue Chip, a global provider of hosting and cloud services, needed to expand its offerings to keep up with cloud demand, it turned to IBM. Read this case study to see how Blue Chip deployed Red Hat solutions and IBM storage to reduce new-client onboarding time from a couple of weeks to a few days.

Precision Computer Methods, Inc. was founded on the following principles:

We exist as a company to build long-term relationships for the mutual benefit of our customers, vendors, and employees. We sell systems that make your business more valuable and help you to reach its goals - both short and long term.

Our aim is to design and build the best software systems in the world--quality never goes out of style. By 'best' we mean value and engineering quality. We won't sell you a jackhammer when a tack hammer will work just as well.

We believe in and care about our employees - and we expect a lot out of them. We are committed to continued career growth for our employees and consistent with serving our customers and vendors.

We believe in and care about our vendors - and we expect a lot out of them, and in return we will try to help them do the job we want them to do for us