XenTegra Canada Inc.
More about us

XenTegra was founded in 2012 based on the idea that customers deserved a partner with customer success as their primary business focus. XenTegra is a national IT reseller who brings the right products together for any client's end-user computing and cloud needs. While we can sell these products, our goal is to add value by helping customers integrate and implement these products into a solution that will help clients future proof their digital transformation initiatives.

XenTegra couples that with our team of experts, we will guide clients down the right path.

We are the experts in digital workspace technologies and cloud infrastructure. XenTegra enables and educates our customers on Citrix, Microsoft, Azure, IGEL, Nutanix, Ivanti, Google, PrinterLogic, Cisco, NVIDIA, ControlUp, Login VSI, ServiceNow and other key partners to make ‘end-user computing’ environments accessible from anywhere, securely with a single identity via Citrix Workspace with Intelligence.