Saving Money with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams helps companies improve access to information and free up workers to focus on high-value activities, thus reducing operating costs, accelerating time-to-market, and fostering greater innovation.

Range Key staff have been working with technology systems for over 2 decades.

Since Range was founded in 2002, our mission has been to assist in the integration of technology & development for Mining & Engineering. Today our client base is spread into a diverse mix of industries encompassing Top500 ASX listed Public Companies, Top100 Private Companies, NGO, and Government & Small businesses.

Our years of battle tested experience collaborating with clients has led to a keen awareness of your challenges and needs. You need to save time, work within an approved budget, abide by strict regulations, and achieve more with less. This awareness has led our document management division to emerge as a market leader in the Australian arena. As a testament to this achievement Range was selected as an M-Files gold partner, a global award-winning enterprise content management system.

Today, our mission is consistent and our promise is the same, “It’s all about you.”